Your network
is at risk

Here are three things you can do about it.

Cyberattacks are a costly, global business disrupter. And without the proper defenses, you will, sooner or later, be a victim. Companies across the U.S. see breaches every day, yet are doing a poor job of overcoming security challenges.1 Despite increased investments in the enterprise security landscape, industry experts predict that cyberthreats will continue to evolve and adapt to traditional defenses.

Cyberthreats are everywhere—and the problem is growing.

The number of 2016 U.S. data breaches reached an all-time high of


2016 saw a whopping 40% increase over 2015 incidents


The average cost of a data breach grew from $3.8 million to $4 million.3

The threat, and the aftermath, is real.


loss after 700 million records compromised
of incidents take days to discover
of vulnerabilities still being exploited 1 year later
of attacks compromise organizations in minutes

Three ways to secure your
IT environment.

Here’s how to protect yourself against sophisticated cyber breaches with advanced, integrated threat intelligence delivered on the industry’s most scalable and resilient platform.


Remove your greatest weaknesses

Integrate and deploy a comprehensive set of security services.

Have a plan to cope with zero-day and advanced targeted attacks.

Leverage centralized visibility and management.


Protect your company against the latest network security threats

Achieve high-performance security on the perimeter and in the data center.

Optimize productivity in a highly available, always-on cluster.

Effectively solve your most urgent network security issues.


Adapt dynamically to the evolving threat landscape with:

Actionable intelligence

Cloud-based anti-malware

Real-time customizable threat feeds

Do it all now, with ePlus & Juniper Networks

ePlus and Juniper Networks Software-Defined Secure Network (SDSN) detects and stops threats closer to the infection point.
Leverages the cloud to more effectively and dynamically solve many current network security issues.
Adapts dynamically and network-wide to detect and block threats.

Stop threats faster with ePlus and Juniper Networks SDSN

Zero trust model offers greater security.
Inside out security model leverages the network as a sensor for delivery of context-aware threat alerts.
Defend yourself against the widening array of attack techniques. Click here or visit us at to schedule a FREE network security assessment with ePlus.
Juniper Networks
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